Australian singer/songwriter Missy Higgins has enjoyed phenomenal success with her irresistible melodies and ‘arrow through the heart’ lyrics, delivered by a striking voice that clearly means it.

After touring the globe with her undeniable songs and unforgettable live performances, Missy’s highly acclaimed albums The Sound of White (ARIA Album Of The Year featuring the hit singles ‘Scar’ and ‘The Special Two’), On A Clear Night (featuring North American top 20 airplay hit ‘Where I Stood’ and ‘Steer’) and The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle (#1 album featuring ‘Everyone’s Waiting’ and ‘Hello Hello’) have sold over two millions copies globally.


Coloured Stone is a band from the Koonibba Mission, west of Ceduna, South Australia. Their sound has been described as having a unique feel and Aboriginal (Indigenous Australian) qualities.

The band performs using guitar, bass, drums, and Aboriginal instruments – didjeridu, bundawuthada (gong stone) and clap sticks – to play traditional music such as the haunting “Mouydjengara”, a whale-dreaming song of the Mirning people.

Coloured Stonecelerate their 40th year in 2017. The current members of Coloured Stone are: Bunna Lawrie (vocals, rhythm guitar, didgeridu, gong stone), Selwyn Burns (lead guitar, vocals), Peter Hood (drums), Cee Cee Honeybee (backing vocals) and guest musicians (bass guitarist, didgeridu player, keyboard player.




Bunna Lawrie is a respected elder of the Mirning Aboriginal tribe from the Coastal Nullabor, South Australia. He is a Mirning whaledreamer and songman, medicine man and story teller of his tribe. He is Coloured Stone’s founding member and chief songwriter.



Justine Clarke is one of the most recognised and trusted faces on the Australian entertainment landscape. She is a best-selling children’s singer and reassuring presence on daytime TV institution, “Play School”. Alongside her on catalogue, she will also be performing local songs in language with children from the Barunga School.


Lonely Boys are a six-piece guitar inspired rock band from Ngukurr in southeast Arnhemland. They have been playing in local and surrounding communities for over ten years and are releasing their first studio EP, ‘The Hunter’ at Barunga Festival this year. 


B2M (Bathurst to Melville) is a six-piece Tiwi band who sing about issues facing all young people such as drugs, alcohol and suicide. Their music is an R‘n’B Pop with a traditional Tiwi twist.


Skinnyfish Sound System is an exciting new development in presenting music that rarely is heard or has been forgotten. Songs from various bands are re-imagined then presented with a DJ playing backing tracks a live dodge player and 3 or 4 live vocalists presenting the re-imagined songs of Saltwater, Nabarlek, Yugul, Lonely Boys, Yothu Yindi, Galarrwuy and Gurrumul Yunupingu ad more. Skinnyfish Sound System is a a party to finish of any festival.


Caiti Baker, a vocalist and front woman raised on the sounds that birthed popular music, is now ready to release her new music onto the masses. Born into a household filled with vinyl, CDs and tapes of blues, soul, gospel, jazz, big band and rock & roll, Caiti’s father, a blues musician himself, made sure that she was raised amongst music. Whether it was playing on the stereo, in the car, at a concert or attending week long festivals – music was everywhere.