We are dedicated to providing the best quality artwork whilst ensuring the Artists that work with us are treated well by providing a comfortable space in which to work as well as being paid fairly for their beautiful artwork. We have always encouraged artists to try new painting styles and to tell their stories in different ways, which has allowed our studio to showcase some of the most original and contemporary indigenous artworks available.

Ric and Karl have been working with Central Australian Indigenous Artists since 2010 and have built solid relationships with the artists who work at Yubu Napa Art Studio. From humble beginnings in Sadadeen, the gallery has grown from strength to strength to become the premier art gallery in Alice Springs.

With a focus on ethical dealings with the artists to strongly supporting the local tourism and hospitality industries, the gallery prides itself on providing visitors to Alice Springs with a unique experience and an opportunity to view stunning artworks as well as meeting some of the artists behind these pieces. This gives an opportunity to learn more about the artworks directly from the artists as well as being able to see how the paintings are created.